Advances in integrated sensors, data science and machine learning are enabling autonomous systems such as Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) or Intelligent Personal Assistants in everyday life. Awerian’s expertise in AI/ML, Cyber security, and broader science and engineering capabilities, coupled with market-specific knowledge, provide in-depth understanding of the challenges encountered in the development and deployment of bespoke, sophisticated, and robust autonomous systems for defence and security applications.

Deployment of such systems, in addition to AVs which have seen decades of successful development, will significantly shape future operational environments and lead to increases in performance, efficiency and reductions in personal risk.

In dynamic operational environments, innovative approaches such as edge-deployed neural networks can deliver agility, security and other strategic advantages. Rapid assessment of fluid situations requires both sophisticated local data handling and whole system solutions to the design challenges inherent in deployed autonomous systems, including low power requirements. Successful deployment also necessitates the provision of appropriate assurance, including in areas such as resilience, reliability, tamper resistant security and secure communications. Awerian applies its broad expertise to explore and understand these areas and to devise suitable mitigations.