Technology Demonstrators de-risk equipment and technologies prior to deployment and exploitation of new defence and security capabilities. Activities in this area range in scale from multi company integration of equipment into an active platform, to demonstration of a key enabling technology in a trials environment; all support accelerated progression through Technology Readiness Levels.

Awerian has many years of experience in delivering Technology Demonstrator Programmes (TDPs) for Ministry of Defence and Prime Contractors alike. These have ranged from subsea applications, aero-certified electronics, to bespoke solutions for Hardware-in-the-Loop testing of equipment in a System-of-Systems environment. A highly agile operating model enables Awerian to deploy the appropriate engineering expertise to meet the client’s requirements for schedule, quality, value for money and performance.

As a product and technology agnostic business, Awerian provides impartial advice to clients and integrates third party equipment into TDPs as necessary. Previous programmes have included the integration of highly complex customer equipment, development of electronics (and supporting software / firmware) to challenging performance specifications, or system emulators (often running on real-time hardware).

In addition to the design and build of Technology Demonstrators, Awerian undertakes the detailed engineering design of market-specific products and systems for its customers. These products and systems are typically for specialised applications where Awerian’s unique blend of science and engineering capability is applied to generate innovative solutions for challenging market demands. Subsequently, Awerian specialists can mature those solutions through to fully formed product designs, appropriately assured for the end market application.

Engineers working for Awerian span a range of disciplines, including Electronics, Firmware, Software, Microwave / RF, Optics, Mechanical and Systems Engineering, with individuals often holding a deep specialisation as well as strong capabilities in adjacent fields.