Cyber security is crucial for the success of businesses and governments as well as national and personal safety. Given the proliferation of global connectivity, information sharing platforms and technological capabilities worldwide, and factoring in expected future advances, the threat vector for cyber criminals is significantly enhanced. Cyber security thus requires innovative approaches that consider not only the robustness of software but also the associated hardware, technological infrastructure and user interaction.

Awerian’s deep understanding of the connections between software, hardware and intersecting infrastructure can reveal system vulnerabilities that can be exploited to influence behaviour, extract protected information or to insert malicious programs, even if the software itself is robust. Performing Cyber Vulnerability Investigations and designing secure devices and protocols ultimately enables integrated whole system solutions.

Awerian has experience in developing such solutions working with leading industry and national defence partners to assess critical systems for potential vulnerabilities and contributing a novel mix of cyber defence techniques that incorporate both software and hardware solutions, which often utilise Awerian’s physics-based capabilities, to go far beyond the typical “IT approach” to cyber security.