Awerian scientists and engineers provide clients with both fundamental understanding and deep technical expertise across the electromagnetics domain, offering expert capabilities in communications and sensing technologies. With ever-increasing global reliance on electronic and communications technologies, this enables clients to innovate, differentiate and diversify in this complex space. 

Awerian’s communications specialists offer capabilities in both wired and wireless technologies, short range ISM band, novel RFID / NFC applications, self-configuring M2M networks, and proof of concept demonstrators for industry-specific challenges. They have in-depth experience with a wide range of wired buses and protocols, as well as valuable strengths in establishing niche data transfer capabilities for semi-bespoke applications and custom waveform generation algorithms. This communications expertise can be combined with engineering, physics and mathematics capabilities to develop and implement a variety of high-performance signal processing algorithms, including signal identification and classification, pattern recognition, inference, statistical analysis and waveform synthesis backed by machine learning applications. 

Awerian’s sensing and detection specialists offer a unique blend of fundamental science and engineering capability. They have created and implemented a range of innovative electromagnetic sensing solutions, often for deployment in extremely challenging and/or highly regulated environments with significant constraints upon the size, weight and power of the sensor. Awerian’s capabilities in this area include radar imaging, antenna design, near-field coupling, magnetic sensing and advanced signal conditioning. A particular strength is the development of non-standard and innovative technologies, including magnetic communications, quantum sensor technologies, advanced phased arrays and the implementation of “virtual sensors” that infer information indirectly from other system parameters in situations where the addition of a sensor for direct measurement is not practicable. 

Through a combination of advanced signals analysis and waveform generation, Awerian works with clients to develop new technologies for operation in contested electromagnetic environments, also drawing on extensive experience and deep technical understanding of cybersecurity, including system and device level susceptibilities and mitigation strategies. 

Across the electromagnetics domain, Awerian supports the rapid transfer of technology from early-stage research activity and proof of principle laboratory demonstrators through to proof of capability demonstrators, field and flight trial prototypes and, ultimately, to the production release of the final technology. Awerian’s broader strengths extend to the development of application-specific sensing and imaging systems, novel communications systems, devices for extreme environments, miniaturised devices, and software, hardware and firmware development.