Founded on the deep connections between science and technology, Awerian assembles dynamic teams of research scientists and development engineers across multiple disciplines to meet client needs. These teams innovate and adapt to invent new solutions to hard technical challenges, expanding client’s capabilities, pushing the boundaries of what is possible and forging the path to new technologies. Awerian also routinely deploys fundamental science and in-depth engineering expertise, with domain-specific goals firmly in view, to deliver high-risk, high-reward, proof of concept investigations. 

Awerian’s approach relies on innovation and laboratory-scale experimentation backed by deep scientific understanding and extensive physics-based modelling and analysis of real-world systems. Capabilities in analytical, numerical and finite element simulation include: 

  • Thermal systems, including aviation and maritime, as well as chemical and materials processes 
  • Optics, including propagation, imaging systems, fibre optics, lasers, fluorescence imaging and interaction of light with real-world surfaces 
  • Electromagnetics, including propagation, penetration, interference and interaction with electronics 
  • Acoustics, including haptics and acoustic communications 
  • Fluid analysis, including droplet and aerosol formation, particle dispersion, fluid flow and microfluidics 

Awerian’s extensive on-site laboratory and workshop facilities permit detailed in-house experimental research prior to technology development to shape concept evaluation and prototype design. These facilities include dedicated laboratories for electronics, lasers, wet chemistry, imaging and metrology, anechoic RF testing, microfabrication and cleanrooms. 

Awerian’s development and technology integration skills, coupled with fundamental science and technology capabilities, support the rapid transfer of technology from early-stage research activity and proof of principle laboratory demonstrators through to proof of capability demonstrators, field trial prototypes and, ultimately, to the production release of the final technology. Awerian is constantly evolving its capabilities in line with the needs of our markets and proactively develops IP and knowhow to benefit and support our clients. 

Awerian’s strengths include development of application specific sensing and imaging systems, novel communications systems, fluidic systems, displays, fibre optics, devices for extreme environments, miniaturised devices and software, hardware and firmware development.